CS 271: Stephen Redfield

Upon entering this class, we expect all students to (red text = math expectations):

  • Have Microsoft Visual Studio installed (setup guides are available before the term starts)
  • Understand recursion (e.g., a function that breaks the problem into pieces and then calls itself on each piece)
  • Understand the following in C, C++, or any other high-level language:
    • Pointers.
    • Decision structures: if-then, if-then-else
    • Looping structures: for, while (pre-test), do-while (post-test)
    • Function descriptions: describing what functions do, pre-conditions, post-conditions
    • Elementary Algebra: modulo arithmetic for base conversion, long multiplication, long division
  • You will be reading a lot to pick up information (just wanted to let you know).
  • It is expected that you will take notes from recorded lecture videos.

mjb – July 5, 2017