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Professional Computer Science B.S. Degree – Career Showcase

Career Showcase for OSU's Professional CS Online Degree ProgramThe career showcase involves activities to help students get a jump start on networking in the computing job market by introducing them to the culture of the computer science field. In the morning, students interact during small group sessions and panel discussions with the instructors and staff. The second half of the day is focused on networking with industry recruiters.

This story with embedded videos describes the experience of the first career showcase in December 2012, and includes videos of students and industry speakers.

The showcases are held twice a year in Portland, Oregon. A wide range of over 20 companies attend the event.

These are some of the companies who have participated in past conferences: Allion, Biotronik, Cambia Health Solutions, Coelo, Daimler, eBay, Eid Passport, Elemental Technologies, Emerge Interactive, Garmin, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, iovation, ISITE Design, Jama Software, Jive Software, Mentor Graphics Corp., McAfee, NVoicePay, Pariveda Solutions, Puppet Labs, Rentrak, Resource Data, Inc., Slalom Consulting, Thomson Reuters, US Army Corps of Engineers, WebMD and Xerox.

Student Comments

“I really appreciated the opportunity to do the technical interview because it gave me the confidence that I could do it.”
– Wing Yee Leung, New York, New York

“I’m not from a tech-savvy part of the country and so it was great to get exposure to a lot of technical companies.”
Emily Meeker, Jonesboro, Ark.

“I really appreciate the Career Showcase events because they give me a chance to interact with potential employers in a low-pressure environment and learn firsthand what kind of qualities they are seeking in potential new hires.”
– Bryon Burleigh, Philomath, Ore.

“I feel motivated, excited, and encouraged to see the graduates who have gotten jobs.”
– Sarah Thorup, Seattle, Wash.

"This was my first quarter in the program and I wasn't sure what a Career Showcase could do for me this early on. It gave my studies a clear direction. There was a cross-section of tech companies who, in one-on-one interviews, made it clear what they were looking for in potential hires. This is great for me because it gives my classes real purpose and motivation. Early, or even new to this program? GO!"
– Ray Foote, Seattle, Wash.