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Professional Computer Science B.S. Degree – Interviewing Advice

It’s never too early to start preparing for interviews. In the Professional Computer Science Degree Program we aim to prepare you with the skills and knowledge companies are looking for — these are the building blocks of your job interview.

The program also provides opportunities for networking experience. The Career Showcase is an excellent way to become comfortable with the interview process. The program staff is there to give you advice, and industry recruiters will offer you the networking experience you will need to be successful. The following videos are samples of advice from industry representatives.

Industry reps talk about demonstrating passion for computer science
During a panel discussion at the Career Showcase 2012, industry representatives spoke about demonstrating your passion for computer science during an interview.
Advice from Darcy McAllum of Mentor Graphics about interviewing.
Darcy McAllum of Mentor Graphics talks about what recruiters look for when interviewing job candidates.

There are many websites that offer helpful tips. Here are some we recommend.