Ph.D. Student
Computer Science

2126 Kelley Engineering Center
Corvallis, OR 97331-5501
(541) 908-6507


  • Class of 2014 - Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from Gauhati University.


I am from India and I am a PhD student in Computer Science at OSU. I am a member of the Computer Graphics and Visualization group, and I am working on the improvement of cancer treatment using radiotherapy. I have worked on different areas of Computer Science as an undergraduate, namely Algorithms and Cryptography. After discovering the power of computer programming as an undergraduate, I was motivated to research on the applications of Computer Science. This is when I came to learn about how Computer Science contributes to cancer research and this led me to take up grad school.

I am a recipient of University Graduate Laurels Block Grant scholarship, 2016-17.

Outside of research, I love photography, traveling, eating and late night movies. I also like to work out and currently learning to swim. I also play badminton and soccer. I am also a big fan of video games and hunting for the best tunes from different video games. My current favorite is "Stand by me" from Final Fantasy XV by Florence + The Machine. And I love listening to Bryan Adams.

Major Professor(s)

Research Interests

My work includes biomedical image processing, visualization, computer vision and deep learning. My focus is on using different image registration techniques to aide computers identify patterns, using which any change in the area of interest can be detected. Technically, I work with deformable image registration of CT-CT fusion scans.

When radiotherapy is administered to a patient, it is often done in small doses over a period of time. The organ to which radiotherapy is administered, often changes shape and position through out this period. This can happen due to numerous reasons. My research allows the computer to identify the change in shape and position of the organ, so that the computer can calculate the dose of radiation to applied accordingly.


  • Shen Y., Das N. A., Zhang Y., Laub W., "Registration Guided Simulation of Prostate Movement for Radiation Therapy", CSCI '16, IEEE CPS