Pins & Plans

PIN numbers

Students need a PIN to register for Fall, Winter and Spring terms.  You do not need a PIN for Summer courses.

Ways to get a PIN:

  1. Email: Students with an overall OSU GPA above a 3.0 will receive their Pin by email in 2 of the 3 terms a year.
  2. Attend a Group Advising Session: A session will be held each term to allow students to learn important information, complete a 2-year plan and receive a PIN.
  3. Schedule an Appt. with an advisor: This can be done ONLINE or at the EECS Office front desk.


Advising Guides (or also referred to as 2-Year Plans)

Learn the steps to complete a 2-year plan

Learn the steps to complete a MyDegrees Planner

ECE CS Systems CS Information Systems CS Applied

ECE 2-Year Plan

CS Systems 2-Year Plan  CS Information Systems 2-Year Plan CS Applied 2-Year Plan

Example Plans:

  ECE CS Systems CS Information Systems CS Applied
Year 1 & 2 Example Plan Example Plan Example Plan Example Plan
Year 3 & 4 Example Plan Example Plan Example Plan Example Plan
MECOP* Year 3-5 Example Plan Example Plan Example Plan Example Plan

*Many students participate in MECOP (  MECOP requires two six-month internships which will generally extend the time it takes for a student to graduate by 1-3 terms.

Academic Calendar

You can determine when you are allowed to register each term by logging into Online Student Services, or you can view the full Priority Registration Dates Table.

Weeks 1 – 2 of the Term:

Adding Courses
  • Week 1: Use the standard registration system.
  • Week 2: Obtain Instructor Permission – for College of Engineering courses, use the College of Engineering Override Form. For other courses, check with the offering department.
Dropping Courses
  • Drop courses using the standard registration system, no grade will be recorded
  • Failure to drop a course properly will result in an F grade being recorded if you do not complete the course requirements.
Weeks 3 – 7 of the Term:
Deadline to Withdraw from Courses
  • If dropped during weeks 3-7, a W grade will be recorded on your transcript.
  • W grades do not affect your GPA
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading Deadline
  • To receive an S, pass the course with a C- or better; all grades below C- receive a U.
  • S/U grading is an option for non-major-specific courses only. (All EECS required courses must be taken for a letter grade.)
  • S/U grading should NOT be substituted for withdrawing from a course if you do not expect to earn a C- or above.
Weeks 5 – 7:

Meet with an Advisor for next term’s registration information.

Weeks 8 – 10:
Withdraw from University
  • Withdraw from university = receive a W in all of your courses
  • No need to reapply to OSU to continue the following term
  • Withdraw from the University any time prior to 5pm of the Friday before finals week.
  • In emergency situations with evidence (serious illness, accident, death of a family member) within the last 4 weeks of the term, you may withdraw from the University with incomplete “I” grades in all classes.
Register for Next Term
  • Priority registration begins Week 8.
Week 10 – “Dead Week”:
  • The week before finals – no major exams are given.

Additional OSU policy information is located in the Undergraduate Catalog, under Academic Regulations.