20 - 24 September 2009
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon, USA

VL/HCC Most Influential Papers

The VL/HCC community began a new tradition last year, to honor research papers whose appearance in this conference had important influences on VL/HCC research or commerce. Because having an important influence can only be determined over time, the papers being nominated must be from past decades.

Specifically, we have two award categories: Most influential paper

  1. from 10 years ago (+/- 1 year), namely fully refereed papers that appeared at VL 1998, 1999, and 2000, and
  2. from 20 years ago (+/- 1 year), namely fully refereed papers that appeared at VL 1988, 1989, and 1990.

We invite you to nominate qualified papers for these awards. To do so, write an email containing answers to the following questions, and send them to: vlhccmip09 at googlemail.com

The questions to answer are:

  1. VL full paper title and authors (Must be a refereed full paper at VL, HCC, or VL/HCC -- not a keynote, not a panel, not a short paper, etc.):
  2. What year did the paper appear?
  3. What was the paper's big, long-term, or unique impact on VL/HCC research or commerce?
  4. The paper awarded can win the award in one of these two ways:
    1. It is the only, or first, or first important paper on the influential topic.
    2. It just one of a sequence of papers published multiple places that had a big influence on VL/HCC research or commerce. However, if there have been multiple communities where the work has been published, the research needs to be strongly situated in the VL/HCC community by virtue of many papers on the topic having been published at VL/HCC. Of course, the nominated paper must satisfy all the other above criteria as well.
    Which of the above was it? Please explain.

Deadline for nominations is: Monday July 13.


Table of contents of proceedings approx. 20 years ago:
Table of contents of proceedings approx. 10 years ago:

Individual papers may be found at Google Scholar.