Technology today is so varied, how do you know where to begin? Your classes can teach you only a small fraction of what is available and actively being used in the world today. What you really need is a fun, self-paced online experience that exposes you to a wide variety of technologies on which businesses around the world depend. We're talking about the most powerful and secure servers that process critical applications such as, credit cards, mobile banking, airline reservations, high volume retail transactions, hyper-secure blockchain, and much more.

For 15 years, IBM has sponsored a student computing challenge contest called Master the Mainframe ( to introduce the topic of enterprise computing and introductory skills for mainframe computing. Fortune 500 clients that use mainframe technology find it difficult to find and hire these skills and often times look to the participants of the Master the Mainframe to fill internships and full-time positions. This is an annual contest conducted in the Fall and a learning experience open year-round. It is the easiest way to provide you hands-on experience with this industry critical technology and earn digital badges along the way that you can add to your resume and differentiate yourself.

Oregon State University will be hosting an online, virtual event on May 19th to help you complete the challenges in the Learning System along with Mainframe Professionals to help answer your questions. You will gain skills on a real-world, enterprise computing environment and develop critical skills that are in hot demand by the world’s largest and most respected companies. The best part is there is no experience required, it can help you land a career in a Fortune 500 company, and just requires a desire to expand your skill set!

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