The two undergraduate programs in School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science are electrical and computer engineering and computer science. Both programs focus on hands-on learning experiences. Experiential learning starts in your first year when you jump into programming as a computer science (CS) student, or build miniature computers using microcontrollers as an electrical and computer engineering (ECE) student. The hands-on experiences build on each other as you progress through the program and prepare you for a year-long senior design class in which you will design a “capstone” project with industry or academic mentors.

Capstone Senior Design

The senior design project exposes you to the challenges of engineering design and project management as you design, build, and test a product. You will also learn “soft” skills — such as teamwork and communication — that are vital to success in engineering. The senior design project can be a stepping stone to a job or even your own business. The culmination of the senior design project is the Engineering Expo when students from all disciplines of engineering show their projects to the public, including school groups and industry visitors. Watch the videos below to see some of the projects students have developed.

Project proposals are submitted by industry and faculty mentors. Students select their top choices and are matched with team members of similar interest. Here are a few examples of student projects: