Ph.D. and M.S. Degrees in Artificial Intelligence

Oregon State University is launching new Ph.D. and MS degree programs in Artificial Intelligence (AI) starting with the 2021 academic year. Oregon State has a long history of excellence in AI since the early days of computer science. The field traces its origin to many disciplines, including philosophy, psychology, mathematics, and engineering. Today, AI is making contributions to all areas of intellectual and artistic endeavor. To encompass this diversity, the new AI program creates a direct pathway for motivated and capable students from any discipline to enter the field of AI and make new research contributions.

In addition to offering many courses and supporting research in the core topics of AI such as machine learning, knowledge representation, reasoning under uncertainty, sequential decision making, natural language processing, and computer vision and robotics, the program allows great flexibility for students to choose relevant courses from a wide range of other disciplines. It is expected that the students in this program will:

  • Get a rigorous education in AI and its social impact, 
  • Conduct state of the art research in AI, 
  • Develop innovative new techniques and applications of AI,  
  • Publish research in top tier venues, and 
  • Work closely with experts in AI and other disciplines where appropriate.

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Changing the architecture of deep learning
Fundamental improvements to deep learning are the research target for professors Lizhong Chen and Fuxin Li.


Advancing medicine with computer science
Stephen Ramsey is working on a project that aims to better diagnose and treat patients.

Combining Passions to Impact the Environment
Rebecca Hutchinson's research uses machine learning and statistical modeling to solve problems in ecology.