Core Faculty

  Name, Title Research Interests
Photo of Houssam Abbas Houssam Abbas
Assistant Professor
Design, control and verification of cyber-physical systems
Photo of Julie A. Adams Julie A. Adams
CoRIS Associate Director of Research
Distributed artificial intelligence; robotics; human-machine teaming; human-computer interaction; human-robot interaction
Tom Dietterich Tom Dietterich
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
CoRIS Associate Director of Policy
Machine learning; safe and robust AI systems; sensor networks; intelligent user interfaces
Photo of Alan Fern Alan Fern
Associate Head of Research
Artificial intelligence, including machine learning, data mining, and automated planning/control
Photo of Xiaoli Fern Xiaoli Fern
Associate Professor
Machine learning; data mining; unsupervised learning; ecosystem informatics; natural language processing
Photo of Xiao Fu Xiao Fu
Assistant Professor
Topic modeling; large-scale structured matrix/tensor factorization algorithms; multiview analysis, canonical correlation analysis; hyperspectral imaging
Photo of David Hendrix David Hendrix
Associate Professor
Motif finding; non-coding RNA structure & function analysis; apps of machine learning to computational biology; deep sequencing data analysis
Photo of Liang Huang Liang Huang
Assistant Professor
Natural language processing, including parsing and translation; structured machine learning; computational structural biology (RNA and protein folding); deep learning
Photo of Rebecca Hutchinson Rebecca Hutchinson
Assistant Professor
Fisheries & Wildlife
Machine learning; data mining; ecosystem informatics; computational sustainability
Photo of Minsuk Kahng Minsuk Kahng
Assistant Professor
Human-centered AI; data visualization; interpretable machine learning; visual analytics for deep learning; human-computer interaction; databases; data mining
Photo of Heather Knight Heather Knight
Assistant Professor
Human-robot interaction; non-verbal machine communications; non-anthropomorphic social robots
Photo of Stephan Lee Stefan Lee
Assistant Professor
Computer vision; natural language processing; deep learning; machine learning
Photo of Fuxin Li Fuxin Li
Assistant Professor
Computer vision; deep learning; machine learning; segmentation-based object recognition and scene understanding; spatio-temporal video analysis
Photo of Stephen Ramsey Stephen Ramsey
Associate Professor
Machine learning; computational systems biology; bioinformatics; integrative computational methods to map gene regulatory networks
Photo of Prasad Tadepalli Prasad Tadepalli
Artificial intelligence; machine learning; automated planning; natural language processing
Photo of Arash Termehchy Arash Termehchy
Assistant Professor
Database systems; large-scale and usable data analytics; human-aware databases; heterogeneous data exploration and analytics
Photo of Sinisa Todorovic Sinisa Todorovic
Associate Professor
Object recognition; region / shape matching; texture; video object segmentation; stochastic image grammars
Photo of Kiri Wagstaff Kiri Wagstaff
Associate Research Professor
Machine learning; interpretable models; novelty detection; science applications
Photo of Weng-Keen Wong Weng-Keen Wong
Associate Professor
Machine learning; probabilistic graphical models; anomaly detection; human-in-the-loop learning; computational sustainability

Affiliated Faculty

  Name, Title Research Interests
Photo of Ravi Balasubramanian Ravi Balasubramanian
Assistant Professor (Adjunct) Assistant Professor
Robust operation in unstructured environments; neural control and biomechanics
Photo of Lizhong Chen Lizhong Chen
Assistant Professor
CPU and GPU architecture; high-performance computing (HPC) systems; data centers; interconnection networks
Photo of Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez
Associate Professor
Cascading outages in power grids; power system protection, resiliency, and cybersecurity; smart grids and microgrids; wide-area power system data
Photo of Bechir Hamdaoui Bechir Hamdaoui
Wireless communication networks; computer networking; mobile computing; resource optimization; network management; network privacy and security
Photo of Geoffrey Hollinger Geoffrey Hollinger
Associate Professor
Planning, coordination, and learning techniques for autonomous robotic systems
Photo of Jinsub Kim Jinsub Kim
Assistant Professor
Statistical signal processing; statistical learning theory; power systems state estimation; security of cyber physical system
Photo of V John Mathews V John Mathews
Adaptation & learning; nonlinear signal processing; application of signal & information processing to neural engineering and biomedical applications, structural health monitoring, audio & communication systems
Photo of Raviv Raich Raviv Raich
Associate Professor
Adaptive sensing/sampling; manifold learning; sparse representations for signal processing
Photo of William Smart William Smart
Improving interactions between people and robots; enabling robots to be self-sufficient; robots as personal assistants for people with severe motor disabilities
Photo of Kagan Tumer Kagan Tumer
Learning, optimization & control in large complex systems; learning & coordination in multiagent systems; distributed reinforcement learning; evolutionary algorithms for control & optimization