Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
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Speaker Information

J. Andrew (Drew) Bagnell
Chief Scientist


In this talk, I’ll explore the power of a game-theoretic viewpoint in self-driving and in machine learning. We’ll begin by considering the application of machine learning to Aurora’s advanced self-driving system in perception, forecasting and decision-making. We’ll discuss particularly complexities that arise from multi-actor interaction. We will then explore the, perhaps surprising, role a game-theoretic view can take in developing algorithms for learning to make decisions.

Speaker Bio

J. Andrew (Drew) Bagnell is Chief Scientist and co-founder of Aurora ( where he works to develop self-driving vehicles. He also serves as Consulting Professor at CMU’s Robotics Institute and Machine Learning Department. He has worked for two decades at the intersection of ML and robotics in industrial and academic roles. Bagnell’s group has received over a dozen research awards for publications in both the robotics and ML communities including best paper awards at ICML, RSS, and ICRA. He received the 2016 Ryan Award, CMU’s award for Meritorious Teaching, and served as the founding director of the Robotics Institute Summer Scholars program, a research experience that has enabled hundreds of undergraduates throughout the world to leap into robotics research.