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Our research deals with various aspects of information representation, transmission, processing, and understanding. Collectively, we develop novel theories, tools, algorithms, and systems for solving real-world problems including parallel computing, cognitive networks, coding theory, and eco‑informatics. Our core strength includes channel coding and network coding theories, video compression and transmission, probabilistic modeling and reasoning, MIMO systems and wireless cognitive networks, stochastic systems and statistical signal processing.

Our application area spans a broad range of industries from computing and entertainment to health and environmental monitoring. For example, researchers in our group are actively working on future massive distributed system for storage and delivery of videos over the Internet, wireless cognitive networks, limited magnitude error correcting codes for use in flash memories, system for automatic acquisition and classification of bird species via bird recordings, high-precision 3-dimensional localization using ultra-wide band signal for manufacturing and health care industries.

Sub Areas

  • Wireless Communications
  • Communication Theory
  • Statistical Signal Processing
  • Machine Learning for Signal Processing
  • Control and Optimization
  • Information Theory
  • Biomedical Signal Processing
  • Neural Engineering
  • Structural Health Monitoring

Related Courses

  • CS 419/519: Numerical Modeling and Simulation
  • ECE484/584: Antennas & Propagation
  • ECE485/585: Microwave Design Techniques
  • CS 527: Error-Correcting Codes
  • ECE 565: Estimation, Filtering, and Detection
  • ECE 566: Information Theory
  • ECE 550: Linear Systems
  • ECE 560: Stochastic Signals and Systems
  • ECE 561: Intro to Analog and Digital Communications
  • ECE 562: Digital Communications and Channel Coding
  • ECE 563: Wireless Communications Network
  • ECE 564: Digital Signal Processing
  • ECE 568: Advanced Digital Image Processing
  • ECE 599: ST/Sparse Signal Proc & Learn
  • ECE 599: Convex Optimization
  • ECE 669: Selected Topics In Communications and Signal Processing


Photo of Houssam Abbas

Houssam Abbas
Design, control and verification of cyber-physical systems; ethics in AI

Alireza Aghasi

Alireza Aghasi
Data science and machine learning; signal and image processing; optimization theory; statistics and probability theory

Photo of Xiao Fu

Xiao Fu
Topic modeling; large-scale structured matrix/tensor factorization algorithms; multivew analysis, canonical correlation analysis; hyperspectral imaging

Photo of Bechir Hamdaoui

Bechir Hamdaoui
Resilient & intelligent networked systems; network & wireless security; enabling network & communication technologies

Photo of Jinsub Kim

Jinsub Kim
Statistical signal processing; statistical learning theory; power systems state estimation; security of cyber physical system

Photo of Huaping Liu

Huaping Liu
Wireless systems; signal processing for communications

Photo of V John Mathews

V John Mathews
Adaptation & learning; nonlinear signal processing; application of signal & information processing to neural engineering and biomedical applications, structural health monitoring, audio & communication systems

Photo of Thinh Nguyen

Thinh Nguyen
Wireless communication; networking; signal processing; machine learning; information theory; coding; stochastic processes

Photo of Raviv Raich

Raviv Raich
Statistical signal processing; sparse signal processing; dictionary learning; machine learning

Affiliated Faculty

Photo of Bella Bose

Bella Bose
Error control codes; parallel processing; fault tolerant computing; computer networks

Photo of Yue Zhang

Yue Zhang
Modeling and simulation of biological and physical problems; mathematical optimization; visualization