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The Computer Graphics and Visualization group consists of researchers in image processing, computer graphics, visualization, visual analytics, GPU programming, simulation, and geometry processing. The primary goals of this group are the analysis, synthesis, understanding, and manipulation of visual data such as images, video sequences, and 3D geometric content.

Application areas span a broad range from art entertainment, to science and engineering, and to biology and medicine. The group is actively engaged in image and video editing and enhancement, special effects, 3D interactive content generation, pattern recognition and object recognition. This research cluster includes the researchers from the Graphics & Image Technologies Laboratory as well as overlapping with researchers in the Data Science, Theoretical Computer Science, and Artificial Intelligence groups.

Photo of Yue Zhang
Advances in 3D graphics have made movies and video games more realistic, but can also have an impact on science. In this podcast, Associate Professor Eugene Zhang and Associate Professor (Senior Research) Yue Zhang describe their research to help medical doctors better target cancerous tumors by using 3D modeling and simulation.

Sub Areas

  • Rendering
  • Geometry Modeling
  • Animation and Simulation
  • GPU Programming
  • Scientific Visualization
  • Information Visualization
  • Virtual Reality

Related Courses

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  • CS 419/519 Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • CS 450/550: Intro to Computer Graphics
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Mike Bailey

Mike Bailey
Visualization; GPU programming; high performance computer graphics; stereographics

Photo of Raffaele de Amicis

Raffaele de Amicis
Virtual & augmented reality; virtual engineering; GeoVisualization; geometric modelling; sketch- and gesture-based interaction; digital heritage

Photo of Eugene Zhang

Eugene Zhang
Computer graphics; visualization; geometry processing; computational topology

Photo of Yue Zhang

Yue Zhang
Modeling and simulation of biological and physical problems; mathematical optimization; visualization

Affiliated Faculty

Photo of Cindy Grimm

Cindy Grimm
Relationship between shape and biological function; design of interfaces for manipulating and annotating 3D images; artistic-based modeling and visualization