Photo of students in a classroom

Whether you go on to graduate school or to work in industry, making the most of the many opportunities at Oregon State will help you in your future. Your advisor will guide you through the program and connect you with additional resources and opportunities.

Kelley Engineering Center main office

You will find the advisors in the main office (pictured on right) on the first floor of the Kelley Engineering Center across from the eCafe.

To register for classes, you will need a Registration PIN. Here are the ways to get one:

  • Email: Students with an overall OSU GPA above a 3.0 will receive their PIN by email in 2 of the 3 terms a year. If you have not received your pin by the end of week 5 schedule an appointment.
  • Attend a group advising session: A session will be held each term to allow students to learn important information, complete a 2-year plan and receive a PIN.
  • Schedule an appointment with an advisor: This can be done online or at the EECS office front desk.

Here are some useful resources to help you get started:

  • Academic Calendar: Deadlines for adding, dropping, withdrawing, and changing grading basis.
  • Forms: University forms including late add/drop/withdraw form, audit registration, extra credits petition, diploma forms and many more,.
  • What is pro school?
  • Sponsorship Letters: Please fill out the survey to request a sponsorship letter. Allow 8-10 business days for the advising office to complete your request. Letters will be issued as signed PDF files on EECS department letterhead. Advisors will no longer accept letter requests in person.

Women and Minorities

Encouraging women and minority students in the field of engineering is important to educators and industry alike. Our faculty, who serve as mentors to the students, have diverse backgrounds and experiences, and are motivated to increase the diversity of undergraduate students. Visit our Diversity and Inclusion page to learn more.

We also work closely with the college’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion program which has many support services such as academic advising, study tables as well as opportunities to network with faculty.