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Get started on a graduate degree while still an undergraduate!

The Accelerated Master’s Platform allows students to apply to a graduate program at the end of their junior year and, if accepted, matriculate into the master’s program immediately after graduation. Students admitted into AMP have the benefit of paying undergraduate tuition fees for graduate level coursework (excludes Ecampus courses, charged graduate tuition rates) while in the program and accelerating the timeline for completing a master’s degree.

Once accepted into AMP, students do not need to reapply to the master’s degree and automatically transition into Graduate School after completing undergraduate degree (must maintain 3.0 GPA per OSU’ Graduate School requirements). 

Successful applicants are allowed to apply a maximum of 22 credits (taken for a letter grade and not including blanket-numbered courses) to both their undergraduate and master’s degrees.

Degrees offered:

  • CS MEng: coursework focus
  • CS MS: coursework and thesis or project
  • ECE MEng: coursework focus
  • ECE MS: coursework and thesis or project
  • AI MS: coursework and thesis or project

Review EECS Graduate Programs here.

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of 105 credits toward undergraduate degree program.
  • A minimum of 3.25 GPA in current degree. 
  • MS AMP requires 2 letters of recommendation - 1 LOR from EECS faculty, 1 LOR from EECS Graduate Advisor.
  • MEng requires 1 letter of recommendation from EECS Graduate Advisor.
  • MyDegrees AMP plan of courses to be taken during senior year and signed by your undergraduate advisor that shows completion of undergraduate degree and expected graduate courses.
  • Statement of purpose: A description of the applicant’s objectives in pursuing an advanced degree. This should be a brief (maximum of one page when printed) summary of the applicant's career goals, research interests, and pertinent experience.
  • Download step-by-step application directions (pdf)

An example plan:

Fall Winter Spring

CS 461 (3)
CS 3/4XX (4)
PAC (1)
CS 5XX (4)

CS 462 (3)
CS 3/4XX (4)
PAC (1)
CS 5XX (4)

CS 463 (2)
CS 3/4XX (3)
Baccore (3)
CS 5XX (4)

Admission Process

  • Apply Fall, Winter, Spring term.
  • Before your application, you will need to meet with the EECS Graduate Advisor, Joy King, to receive your application code.
  • Complete the online application via the Graduate School website


  • Fall applications due June 30.
  • Winter applications due September 30.
  • Spring applications due December 31.

For more information please contact

Joy King
Joy King, EECS Graduate Advisor
Schedule an appointment
Email Joy
Phone: 541-737-7626
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