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When you graduate from Oregon State, we want you be work-ready and leadership-ready. Seek out the experiences that match your interests and grow your skills. Positions in EECS will allow you work closely with our faculty, staff, and graduate students. There are a variety team and community opportunities that will give you hands-on experience in areas such as mentoring, product development, research, and curriculum development.

School of EECS Opportunities

CreateIT Collaboratory

Student interns are hired in small teams to work for the CreateIT Collaboratory on a specific project with a client such as Tektronix, Texas Instruments and the Utah Ballroom Dance Company. Using hands-on real projects, select groups of students take radical ideas from industry and research and develop them to prototypes. The Collaboratory creates work-ready graduates who can successfully work on a team to create new products.

Contact: Don Heer

Mastery Challenge Program

The Mastery Challenge program is based on a concept called gamification which uses elements of game playing, such as leader boards and badges, to motivate participants to gain new abilities such as 3D modeling and Python programming. Participants can work on their own, or get help by contacting students who already have that achievement. Prizes will be awarded to students with the highest number of achievements each term.

Contact: Don Heer


HWeekend is a free event sponsored by of the College of Engineering and the College of Business. Students work together in teams to create a marketable project they can demonstrate and pitch to judges at the end of the weekend.

Contact: Don Heer

Center for Applied Systems and Software (CASS)

CASS provides software development, testing and hosting solutions to clients while giving students hands-on industry experience. Students are given the opportunity and guidance to work with real-world clients and to see projects from start to finish.

Open Source Lab

The Open Source Lab is an organization working for the advancement of open source technologies. The lab provides hosting for more than 160 projects, including those of worldwide leaders like the Apache Software Foundation, the Linux Foundation and Drupal. Student employees work as developers and systems administrators.

Software Development Group

The Software Development Group employs teams of students led by experienced senior software engineers focused on delivering professional results for customers.

Contact: Carrie Hertel, Software Development Group / Testing Lab Director

Test & IoT Lab

The Test & IoT Lab employs students who help clients design new test plans and test suites customized to meet the needs of their products.

Contact: Carrie Hertel, Software Development Group / Testing Lab Director

Peer Leaders

The peer leaders are a group of upperclassmen who have excelled in previous coursework and now use their past knowledge to help new students get through the material. Read more about the peer leaders.

Contact: Matt Shuman

TekBots Development Team

This year-long internship opportunity is set in an industry-like environment, giving students the ability to develop TekBot hardware for actual production. Interns interface with industry partners while also developing the materials used in EECS classes, allowing them to make a difference in how and what others learn in the school.

Contact: Don Heer

Other Opportunities

College of Engineering Ambassadors

Students of all engineering majors serve as ambassadors for the College to encourage new students to consider engineering, and help current students be successful.

Student Clubs

Several student clubs offer excellent leadership and hands-on experiences where students can learn new skills, make an impact through humanitarian projects, and participate in national and international competitions. Student chapters of national organizations such as IEEE and Engineers Without Borders provide excellent opportunities for networking on campus and beyond.

College of Engineering Leadership Academy

The Academy is an innovative new program developed and delivered with the involvement and support of key industry partners. The Academy accelerates engineering students' development as EP2IC leaders; increasing graduates' competitiveness for employment and success as early career professionals.

Contact: Scott Paja, Director


  • The College of Business's InnovationX Business Idea Development Studio is staffed with peer consultants who are excited about helping students figure out what their next steps might be.
  • Try these InnovationX events (speakers, workshops, and more) and the drop-in Business Idea Development Studio.
  • Launch Pad is the signature experience for first-year students in all majors. In Launch Pad, students will develop entrepreneurial skills through a variety of hands-on, collaborative experiences culminating in the development of their own business.
  • Students of all majors are invited to add an entrepreneurship minor to their program of study.
  • Sign up for the Launch newsletter to stay in the loop on everything entrepreneurial at Oregon State.