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The data science and engineering (DSE) group works to develop technology, processes, and software to enable effective access to and utilization of overwhelming amounts of information. The group studies the fundamental problems that arise throughout the DSE pipeline, which leads from the original noisy data measurements to decisions and visualizations enabled by the data. Solving these problems requires contributions from a variety of fields including signal processing, database systems, machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence, as well as areas that study particular data modalities such as computer vision and natural language processing.

Our group grounds its work in a wide variety of application domains. Some examples include ecological modeling from citizen science and sensor data, medical data applications, precision agriculture, anomaly detection for security and data integrity, activity recognition in video, computational biology, and others.

Sub Areas

  • Signal Processing
  • Databases and Data Management
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Data Visualization and Graphics
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • Ecosystem Informatics and Computational Sustainability

Related Courses

  • CS 531: Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 533: Intelligent Agents and Decision Making
  • CS 534: Machine Learning
  • CS 535: Deep Learning
  • CS 536: Probabilistic Graphical Models
  • CS 537: Computer Vision
  • CS 538: Natural Language Processing
  • CS 540: Advanced Database Management Systems
  • CS 546: Networks in Computational Biology
  • CS 637: Computer Vision II
  • CS 519: Data Exploration and Analytics
  • CS 519: Algorithms for Computational Molecular Biology
  • BB 585: Applied Bioinformatics
  • ECE 565: Estimation, Detection, and Filtering
  • ECE 599: Convex Optimization


Tom Dietterich

Tom Dietterich
Machine learning; safe and robust AI systems; sensor networks; intelligent user interfaces

Photo of Patrick Donnelly

Patrick Donnelly
Deep learning from non-speech audio; educational data mining from audio; large imbalanced datasets; machine learning in the musical domain

Photo of Alan Fern

Alan Fern
Artificial intelligence, including machine learning, data mining, and automated planning/control

Photo of Xiaoli Fern

Xiaoli Fern
Machine learning; data mining; unsupervised learning; ecosystem informatics; natural language processing

Photo of Xiao Fu

Xiao Fu
Topic modeling; large-scale structured matrix/tensor factorization algorithms; multivew analysis, canonical correlation analysis; hyperspectral imaging

Photo of Bechir Hamdaoui

Bechir Hamdaoui
Resilient & intelligent networked systems; network & wireless security; enabling network & communication technologies

Photo of David Hendrix

David Hendrix
Motif finding; non-coding RNA structure & function analysis; apps of machine learning to computational biology; deep sequencing data analysis

Photo of Sanghyun Hong

Sanghyun Hong
Security, privacy, and machine learning, especially on building secure and reliable AI systems from a systems security perspective

Photo of Liang Huang

Liang Huang
Natural language processing, including parsing and translation; structured machine learning; computational structural biology (RNA and protein folding); deep learning

Photo of Rebecca Hutchinson

Rebecca Hutchinson
Machine learning; data mining; ecosystem informatics; computational sustainability

Photo of Minsuk Kahng

Minsuk Kahng
Human-centered AI; data visualization; interpretable machine learning; visual analytics for deep learning; human-computer interaction; databases; data mining

Photo of Stephan Lee

Stefan Lee
Computer vision; natural language processing; deep learning; machine learning

Photo of Fuxin Li

Fuxin Li
Computer vision; deep learning; machine learning; segmentation-based object recognition and scene understanding; spatio-temporal video analysis

Photo of V John Mathews

V John Mathews
Adaptation & learning; nonlinear signal processing; application of signal & information processing to neural engineering and biomedical applications, structural health monitoring, audio & communication systems

Photo of Karthika Mohan

Karthika Mohan
Causal inference; graphical models; AI safety

Photo of Raviv Raich

Raviv Raich
Adaptive sensing/sampling; manifold learning; sparse representations for signal processing

Photo of Stephen Ramsey

Stephen Ramsey
Machine learning; computational systems biology; bioinformatics; integrative computational methods to map gene regulatory networks

Photo of Sandhya Saisubramanian

Sandhya Saisubramanian
Automated planning, reinforcement learning, safe and reliable AI

Photo of Prasad Tadepalli

Prasad Tadepalli
Artificial intelligence; machine learning; automated planning; natural language processing

Photo of Arash Termehchy

Arash Termehchy
Database systems; large-scale and usable data analytics; human-aware databases; heterogeneous data exploration and analytics

Photo of Sinisa Todorovic

Sinisa Todorovic
Object recognition; region / shape matching; texture; video object segmentation; stochastic image grammars

Photo of Kiri Wagstaff

Kiri Wagstaff
Machine learning; interpretable models; novelty detection; science applications

Photo of Weng-Keen Wong

Weng-Keen Wong
Machine learning; probabilistic graphical models; anomaly detection; human-in-the-loop learning; computational sustainability


Affiliated Faculty

Photo of Lizhong Chen

Lizhong Chen
CPU and GPU architecture; high-performance computing (HPC) systems; data centers; interconnection networks

Photo of Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez

Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez
Cascading outages in power grids; power system protection, resiliency, and cybersecurity; smart grids and microgrids; wide-area power system data