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KEC 1110 Hours: 9AM - 12PM

TekBots Store

The TekBots store contains all sorts of electronics and modules that can be purchased for projects or classes! For more information about the items we have in stock, please check our entire inventory list here. This is also where ECE students pick up their lab kits. TekBot Store hours are in KEC 1110 from 10AM - 1PM.

Maker Space

The TekBots room features a small makerspace where students can come in to work on projects or assignments! The equipment consists of a soldering iron, power supply, hardware tools, and much more! Stop by to find out more information.

3D Printing & Laser Cutting

We provide services for 3D printing and Laser Cutting. We can print using PLA and dual-extruder material and we can cut wood, acrylic, and some other materials. For more information about these services, check out our FAQ. To submit a print or cut request, head to 3D Printer Submission or Laser Cutter Submission.


1How do I pick up my lab kit for Spring 2019?

Students in ENGR 201 will have to purchase lab kits from our Marketplace and can come pick up their order from Tekbots. Students in ENGR 202 or ECE 271 have lab kits included in their course fees and just need to come into Tekbots with their student ID and pick up a lab kit.

2How do I get my design 3D printed?

Go to our 3D printing page, here!
We can print your design with various tolerances and support material. Please include any special instructions in the "Notes" section when submitting a print.
If you do not find your answer on the 3D printing page, please send us a message on the TekBots homepage (yellow "Send a message" button).

3How do I get my design laser cut?

Go to our laser cutting page, here!
We can cut your design on a stencil (thick paper), cardboard, acrylic (3mm and 5mm), as well as plywood (3mm and 5mm). The maximum size we are able to cut is 290mm by 220mm.
If you do not find your answer on the laser cutting page, please send us a message on the TekBots homepage (yellow "Send a message" button).

4Can I charge my student account?

No, we only accept Visa and MasterCard through our online marketplace. Additionally, if you are working on a research project for Oregon State University, ask your research faculty for an index code to pay with.

5How do I checkout equipment or tools?

We have some equipment and tools available for checkout at TekBots for 24 hour rental periods. Checkouts can only be made during store hours, which are 10AM-1PM weekdays. In exchange for the checked out item, we will hold your OSU ID until the item is returned. You can find out what we have at this link.

6How do I get technical help for my projects?

The TekBots team consists of knowledgeable EECS majors and a few CS majors who have gone through most of the program and can help direct you towards the right direction. Feel free to contact us by sending us a message in the bottom right corner of the screen or come in when we are open (10AM-1PM) KEC 1110.

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