EECS 3D Printing Submission

EECS 3D Printing Submission

Todays Date: Thursday, 09-24-2020

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*Estimated Pick Up Time After Print Approval: 2 Business Days (09-28-2020)

Welcome to the EECS 3D printing submission form. Using this form you can upload a 3D model to be created. Print using a Stratasys BST1220 machine. It produces plastic final models. Once a file is uploaded, we will review the model and email you with the cost to print. Once you approve the charge, we will print the model. Presently the models are $5.50 per cubic inch with a $5.00 set-up fee for internal use (using an OSU account code). External costs (paying by credit card) are $16.00 per cubic inch with a $10.00 setup fee. This includes 'support' material.

If you would like to pay via credit card, please submit your file with this form and enter 'Credit Card' in the account code field. We will reply with instructions on how to submit payment.

Q: How big can your printer print?
A:10" deep x 10" wide x 12" tall

Q: How thick should my part's walls be?
A: This is not a simple answer, as it depends on the size of the wall and the strength needed. We recommend at least .1" thick walls when feasible.

Q: How can I keep my printing costs down?
A: One hidden cost often overlooked is the support material. To print an object with an 'overhang' the printer will insert a softer support material as it builds. This support will be from the bottom up until the overhang is reached often increasing the amount of material used by 10x. The best design methodology is to try to think of everything as a bowl where it be be built of the open side up.

To find out more about 3D printing, please visiting the following links.

Dimension Printing
Fused Deposition Modeling

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NOTE We only accept files of the 'Stereo Lithography Type' (.stl) and the attachment file size must lower than 20000 Kb

*The estimated pick up time does not guarantee when your print will be finished but is just an estimate of when it should be completed.

Form to email with attachment
Adapted from Obie Website