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Students in ENGR 201 will have to purchase lab kits from our Marketplace and can come pick up their order from Tekbots. Students in ENGR 202 or ECE 271 have lab kits included in their course fees and just need to come into Tekbots with their student ID and pick up a lab kit.
Go to our 3D printing page, here! We can print your design with various tolerances and support material. Please include any special instructions in the "Notes" section when submitting a print. If you do not find your answer on the 3D printing page, please send us a message on the TekBots homepage (yellow "Send a message" button).
For most of our services, we only accept Visa and MasterCard through our online marketplace. However, our new 3D Printing tool will be able to charge student accounts in the future. Additionally, if you are working on a research project for Oregon State University, ask your research faculty for an index code to pay with.
The TekBots team consists of knowledgeable EECS majors and a few CS majors who have gone through most of the program and can help direct you towards the right direction. Feel free to contact us by sending us a message in the bottom right corner of the screen or come in when we are open (10AM-1PM) KEC 1110.