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ECE112 Caps and Other (W21)

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Contents as of 06-28-22

per Kit
Type Description
2Capacitor 2.7nF
2Capacitor ALUM 47UF 16V AXIAL
2Capacitor CER 0.1UF 50V 0.1" SPACING
2Capacitor ELEC 10UF 100V 0.1" SPACING
2Connector 1x2 0.1" Shunt/Jumper - w/ Handle
1Connector PJ-002A - CONN PWR JACK 2X5.5MM SOLDER
0Container Bag - Zip - 3"x4"
4Diode 1N4148
1LED Green T1-3/4
5LED Red T1-3/4
3LED White T1-3/4
1LED Yellow T1-3/4
1Linear LM385-1.2 Voltage Reference
2Switch Omron Tact Switch
3Transistor 2N4401 NPN - TO92
2Transistor 2N4403 PNP - TO92
3Transistor 2N7000 N-Channel - TO92
1Transistor FQP17P06 60V PMOS - TO220
1Transistor MPSA13