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ECE 473

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Contents as of 06-28-22

per Kit
Type Description
1Assem. Board radio_brd.2
1Container 8" x 10" Silver Anti-Static Bag
2ElectMech Single Pole Ferrite 8 Ohm 0.3W Speaker
1Hardware ECE473 Front Panel
1Kit 4 Digit 7 Segment Display (4digit.0)
1Kit 473_extra.0
1Kit Push Button Kit (8pushbtn.0)
1Modules LM75A Temperature Sensor
1Modules USB to Serial Module (CP2102)
1PCB proto_bd.1 - Large with Ground Plane
10Resistor 1/8W 10K Ohm
10Resistor 1/8W 1K Ohm
10Resistor 1/8W 330 Ohm
2Tool #60 Drill Bit
0.25Tool Female to Female .1" Jumper set (40 wires)
1Tool Pin Vise
2Wire 12" 28AWG 10 Conductor Rainbow Ribbon Cable
3Wire Single Ended 2x5 Crimp connector on 18" of Rainbow Cable