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ECE341 AP Kit (F19)

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Contents as of 06-27-22

per Kit
Type Description
10Capacitor CER 0.1UF 50V 0.1" SPACING
1Container Bag - Zip - 6"x8"
2Diode 1N5819 Schottky
1ElectMech Microphone CMC-5042PF-AC
2Hardware Knob - .25" Shaft with Set Screw
4LED Red - Through Hole (T1) (HLMP-1700)
2Linear LM78L05 TO-92
2Linear LMC6032 - Dual Op Amp
3Potentiometer 10K 3386H Square Sealed
2Potentiometer 10K Potentiometer Panel Mount
1Resistor Photoresistor
4Switch Omron Tact Switch
4Transistor 2N4401 NPN - TO92
4Transistor 2N4403 PNP - TO92
4Transistor 2N7000 N-Channel - TO92
4Transistor PMOS MOSFET 60V - VP2106N3-G
2Transistor TIP29C (or TIP29CG) NPN - TO220
2Transistor TIP30C (or TIP30CG) PNP - TO220