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ECE112 (W21)

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Contents as of 06-26-22

per Kit
Type Description
1Batt. Holder AA (x1) w/ 6 inch leads
1Batt. Holder AA (x3) w/ 6 inch leads
0.5Connector 1X34 0.1" Male Header
1Fuse 250 mA
1Hardware Pot Core w/ Frame, Bolt, and Nut
1Kit ECE112 Caps and Other (W21)
1Kit ECE112 Random Resistors (W21)
1Kit ECE112 Resistors (W21)
1Kit Lead Free Solder (.031")
1PCB bigpad.0 (some mis-marked)
1PCB ECE112 Power Supply (ece112_ps.0)
0.25Tool Female to Female .1" Jumper set (40 wires)
0.25Tool Sand Paper - 400 grit (per sheet)
1Tool Soldering Iron Kit
1Wall Adptr 9 or 12V @ >200mA - Center Positive 2.1mm Coaxial Plug
0.5Wire 12" 28AWG 10 Conductor Rainbow Ribbon Cable
1Wire 12" CAT-5  solid core
6Wire Enameled Wire, #30 (per foot)