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MIME 101: Sections 501/510

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Contents as of 06-27-22

per Kit
Type Description
1Connector 1x36 0.1" Male Header Long
1Kit Lead Free Solder (.031")
1LED Red - Through Hole (T1) (HLMP-1700)
1Linear L293DNE
1Modules Arduino Compatible Nano ATmega328P Board (w/USB Cable)
1Modules Solar Panel (60x60x2mm)
1Motors GM-8
1PCB ECE111 Cut PCBs v.2
1Potentiometer 100K Potentiometer Panel Mount
1Potentiometer 1K 409H Potentiometer WH LNG KNOB
1PVC Tubing Clear 5/16 in. OD (1 inch long)
2Resistor 1/8W 1K Ohm
2Resistor 1/8W 22K Ohm
2Resistor 1/8W 330 Ohm
1Tool 270 Contact Breadboard
1Tool Diagonal Cutters
1Tool DMM (Digital Multimeter)
1Tool Female to Female .1" Jumper set (40 wires)
1Tool Soldering Iron Kit
1Tool Wire Stripper
1Wire 22AWG stranded wire (1 ft), Black
1Wire 22AWG stranded wire (1 ft), Red