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Current Issue

Winter 2020
Photo of Phylicia Cicilio Photo of David Allstot Photo of David Hendrix Photo of Paul Cull


Fall 2019
Photo of 1/10 scale race car Photo of Gabor Temes in a video preview frame Photo of two students in a video preview frame Photo of Theresa Mai
Our faculty excel in research and teaching, mentoring the next generation of outstanding students who are inspired to change the world.

Spring/Summer 2019
Photo of Cozmo robot Pallavi Dhagat in the lab Raffaele de Amicis and student in the graphics lab Robert Rose
It all starts with a great idea: getting kids excited about programming, 3D printed electronics, realistic virtual environments, and autonomous aircraft. Our determination will get us there.

Winter 2019
Alumnus Yunteng Huang (right) visits with his doctoral advisor, Professor Gabor Temes. Undergraduate Susmita Padala studies with friends in the atrium of the Kelley Engineering Center. Photo by Libby Graalum. In Carlos Jensen’s office, the “We the People” prints on the wall help to remind him of the diversity of students he serves as the associate dean of undergraduate programs for the College of Engineering. Photo by Gale Sumida.  
Strong bonds develop through mentorship. In this issue of Ingenuity, we celebrate student accomplishments and honor the dedication of our faculty members to student success.

Fall 2018
Tom Weller (center) meets with Calvin Hughes (left), the graduate advisor, and Glencora Borradaile (right), the associate head for graduate studies. Mary Jacobsen balances gymnastics and a computer science degree. Assistant professor Yeongjin Jang won the “Capture the Flag” award from 2018’s DEF CON. Vishvas Chalishazar and Ted Brekken perform research in the Wallace Energy Systems and Renewables Facility at Oregon State University.
Our faculty members and students work hard to achieve excellence in everything they do. In this issue of Ingenuity, learn more about what motivates the people of EECS to pursue their individual passions in the areas of leadership, gymnastics, and research.

Spring 2018
Photo a Lizhong Chen and Fuxin Li Photo of Yue Zhang with a computer Photo of Stephen Ramsey with a student Photo of Garmin employees at Engineering Expo
Our faculty reach beyond incremental improvements. Their research aims to make fundamental advances in computer science and electrical and computer engineering to impact disease diagnosis and treatment, consumer electronics, data centers, and robotics. Learning in this environment transforms our students into highly sought after employees.

Winter 2018
Photo a Terri Fiez Photo of Justin Ihara entering a clean room Photo of Albert Diaz Photo of Zander Work
Our school is forging new ground for educational experiences for our entire community, including undergraduates, graduate students, high school students, professionals, and the general public.

Fall 2017
Nabila Nujhat in the clean room Photo of Julie Adams and Heather Knight Photo of Martin Erwig Photo of John Conley and Melanie Jenkins
Our students and faculty are forging new directions in research and education.

Graduation 2017
Photo a female student in graduation cap and gown Photo of Jacob Lewis and Jonathan Harijanto Photo of a student receiving her certificate at graduation celebration Photo of Ron Khormaei giving his speech at the EECS graduation celebration.
Congratulations to our 2017 graduates! This year's class of approximately 800 undergraduate and graduate students was largest in the history of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Winter 2017
Photo of two graduate students and a Tektronix representative in the lab. Photo of Alan Wang Photo of two students working together Photo of Sharada Bose
Highlighting a few our partnerships that are helping to advance research and bring innovative education to our students.

Fall 2016
Bret Bosma, Kelley Ruehl, and Asher Simmons Photo of Nadia Payet Photo of a PCR machine Photo of David Martinez
Advancing wave research, Google maps, medical devices and agriculture — the people of EECS are having broad impacts on the world.

Graduation 2016
Photo of three students Photo of a student at graduation Photo of a student at graduation Graphic of the cover of the graduation program - Class of 2016
This year's class of more than 550 undergraduate and graduate students was largest in the history of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Spring 2016
Photo of two men in a cleanroomPhoto of Phylicia CicilioPhoto of Paul McKenney and Iftekhar AhmedPhoto of two men
Find out about the research impact of three of our graduate students, and learn how undergraduate Chris Vlessis became co-founder of a software solutions company.

Winter 2016
Photo of two women talkingPhoto of Cherri Pancake looking at a mapPhoto of Rebecca Hutchinson in a forest settingPhoto of Margaret Burnett giving a speech
The women of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science are changing the world. In honor of International Women's Day this month, we are celebrating women who are making an impact in their fields of study and through mentorship.

Fall 2015
Photo of V John MathewsPhoto of Hannah Marvin in the cleanroomPhoto of Xiaoli Fern and Raviv Raich in a forest settingPhoto of Alex Polvi giving a speech
EECS ingenuity is behind new magnetic materials that are advancing computer memory, a new method to help scientists understand habitats of rare or endangered species, and a system to make rock concerts sound better by reducing distortion in speakers. It is also what drives alumni Alex Polvi and Brandon Philips, who are making a splash with their new company, CoreOS.

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