Culture of Innovation

Our faculty reach beyond incremental improvements. Their research aims to make fundamental advances in computer science and electrical and computer engineering to impact disease diagnosis and treatment, consumer electronics, data centers, and robotics. Learning in this environment transforms our students into highly sought after employees. 

Photo of Lizhong Chen and Fuxin Li
Changing the architecture of deep learning 

Lizhong Chen and Fuxin Li receive NSF CAREER awards to support their research advancing deep learning technology.

Photo of Yue Zhang with a computer
Targeting tumors 

Yue Zhang and Eugene Zhang are advancing 3D modeling techniques to help medical professionals better target cancerous tumors.

Photo of Stephen Ramsey with a student
Advancing medicine with computer science

Oregon State researchers are working on a project that aims to better diagnose and treat patients.

Photo of Garmin employees at Engineering Expo
Building lasting relationships

Less than an hour away from Oregon State University, Garmin has long taken advantage of the proximity of their site in Salem, Oregon.


New podcast from Engineering Out Loud:

S6, E2: Gaining Control over Mental Health How can two undergraduates impact the health of people with mental illness? Inspired by her own experience with bipolar disorder, Alison Bowden from Oregon State University created an app to help manage the daily challenges of living with mental illness. She co-founded Wellio with Houston Morgan from Arizona State University. LISTEN NOW


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