It all starts with a great idea: getting kids excited about programming, 3D printed electronics, realistic virtual environments, and autonomous aircraft. Our determination will get us there. 

Photo of a Cozmo robot
Tiny robots spark excitement for programming 

Armed with tiny, programmable Cozmo robots, a team of undergraduates have embarked on a program that aims to inspire local K-12 students to pursue technology fields.

Pallavi Dhagat in the lab
A new dimension for 3D printing 

“I have a vison of printing an entire robot that would walk off the printer,” said Pallavi Dhagat about the industry-university collaboration that has spawned a new field of digital materials science.

Raffaele de Amicis and student in the graphics lab
Experiencing a new reality  

After moving to Oregon from Italy, Raffaele de Amicis’ life changed so much that he calls it his “second life.” Interactive computer graphics had been at the center of his career for 20 years, but his goals evolved when he came to Oregon State.


Robert RoseFlight future: Graduate Robert Rose

Video: Robert Rose ('06 M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering) is the co-founder of Reliable Robotics which is designing systems to automate aircraft.



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