Leading Innovative Education

Our school is forging new ground for educational experiences for our entire community, including undergraduates, graduate students, high school students, professionals, and the general public.

Photo of Terri Fiez
Lessons in leadership

Terri Fiez was elected to the 2018 Academy of Distinguished Engineers, an award from the College of Engineering at Oregon State University.

Photo of Justin Ihara entering a clean room
Meeting industry needs

In the last five years, Oregon State’s online computer science post-baccalaureate program has grown beyond expectations. Justin Ihara earned his postbaccalaureate computer science degree online through Oregon State Ecampus.

Photo of Albert Diaz
On the right track

The work ethic Albert Diaz acquired in the Navy has helped him succeed in Oregon State’s rigorous online computer science program.

Photo of Zander Work
Opportunities in cybersecurity

Oregon State’s offerings for education in cybersecurity are expanding to include a broader range of students.


New podcasts from Engineering Out Loud:

  • Teaming with robots: How do you talk to a robot? How about 250 robots? Julie A. Adams, professor of computer science, describes her research on human-robot interaction and the benefits and challenges of drone swarms.
  • Taming software development with teamwork: How are Oregon State researchers impacting the apps on your phone? Danny Dig and his team have been improving software for companies like Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Boeing, and Google for years by developing tools that find and fix bugs.
  • Harmonizing with the ocean to harness wave energy: How do you harness the energy of the ocean? Oregon State alumni Alex Hagmuller and Max Ginsburg cofounded Aquaharmonics to try and figure it out: starting with a wave energy device prototype they tested in a bathtub.


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