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Photo of Bret Bosma, Kelley Ruehl, and Asher Simmons
Ripples upon ripples

Out on the ocean, a wave energy converter heaves, rocks and pitches to the motion of the waves. How the energy converter interacts with the water to generate power is at the core of creating devices that can be commercially viable. And it has been a missing piece of information for wave energy simulation tools — until now. More ...

Photo of Nadia Payet
An unexpected dream

Nadia Payet did not expect to find herself at Google when she was growing up in Reunion, a French island near Madagascar. But Oregon State University expanded her vision for what she could become. More ...

Photo of a PCR machine
Channeling undergraduate enthusiasm

It is the rare undergraduate engineering student who knows what a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) machine is, let alone how to build one. But that is exactly the kind of experience the CreateIT Collaboratory brings to students at Oregon State. More ...

Photo of David Martinez
Finding tech opportunities in rural Oregon

Cattle and computer science — it was a combination that David Martinez could not necessarily imagine, but it was exactly what he was looking for. A former newspaper reporter and photographer, Martinez switched careers via Oregon State University’s Ecampus online program in computer science. More ...


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  • EECS has a new computer science M.S. track in software innovation designed to prepare students for a future career as a system designers and software architects. This two-year program is hands-on, immersive, and focused on inventing new kinds of software. Learn more.
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