Rapid advances in computing power and networking are driving the revolution in mobile technology, video streaming and wireless networks. The computer and network track addresses the issues related to architecture, programming, and communication of computing devices, which include computers, handheld devices, and sensors. Study of computer systems involves digital design, microcomputer architecture, and high-level and assembly language programming. Computer networking deals with the design of protocols that enable multiple computers/devices to communicate effectively over a wired or wireless medium. OSU offers unique opportunities to work with faculty on advanced systems and work with internationally leading companies in this area.

Employment opportunities include all electronics and software companies with computing and communication products.

Potential Job Opportunities

Embedded systems engineer: Design and build "light weight" computer systems that function within a larger system. Work for companies such as Intel, Garmin, Hewlett Packard, Tektronix, Planar Systems.

Computer networks engineer: Design, implement and maintain wired and wireless computer networks for high availability and security. Work for companies such as Cisco, HP, Google, IBM.

Computer architecture engineer: Design, simulate and implement low-level computer subsystems. Define how such systems interact to provide high performance. Work for companies including Intel and Nvidia.

Digital logic designer: Design, simulate and implement application specific integrated circuits. Work for companies such as Intel, Micron Technology, Nvidia, Marvell, and Tektronix.

Test engineer: Design and implement test systems and strategies to ensure proper and reliable operation of electroic products. Work for such companies as Tektronix, Intel, Planar Systems, Garmin and Micron Technologies.