Photo of Yanchao Wang and Gabor Temes.

Gabor Temes (right) works with graduate student Yanchao Wang (left).

There are many astonishing facts about Professor Gabor Temes’ career of more than 60 years. The longevity is perhaps the most obvious, but it also had an auspicious beginning. He had just finished his undergraduate education in electrical engineering and physics in Budapest, Hungary, when he had to flee after the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

Temes’ escape landed him in Canada, where he completed his doctorate in electrical engineering at the University of Ottawa. After several years in industry, he was drawn to an academic career for the creative freedom and his desire to teach. He has been at Oregon State University since 1990 and served as head of what is now the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science until 1994.

He received the nation’s highest professional distinction for engineers in 2015, when he was elected to the National Academy of Engineering. His work in analog circuits has improved technologies like cellphones and medical devices, and the students he has mentored over the years have multiplied the impact of his work.

Current doctoral student Yanchao Wang says Temes is known for his research expertise and patient mentorship, and she appreciates his example of leading a balanced life.

Temes, now 90, hikes in the woods every day. On Saturdays, his graduate students join him to talk about their research or anything else.

“I have passed retirement age many years ago, but I cannot stop my addiction to the fun aspects of my job,” Temes said.