• A four-year bachelor’s degree.
  • A minimum accumulated GPA of 2.75 in your bachelor’s degree.
  • Personal statement of 150 to 200 words describing how you meet the minimum requirements for admission and anything else you would like the committee to know.

Please keep in mind that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission since we have a highly competitive pool of applicants that exceed the admission requirements.

Math Requirements: Applicants must have completed one or more of the following math requirements prior to admission.

Please use OSU Transfer Course Search if you have questions regarding a math course equivalency to Math 111 or above.

Math Course

College Algebra/Pre-Calculus




AP Calculus

Oregon State University Course Equivalency and Grade Requirements++

MTH 111 with a B grade or above

MTH 241, MTH 245, MTH 251, MTH 252 with a C grade or above

Minimum test score of 3. Official score report must be submitted along with the application to the admission office.

Writing and Communication Requirements: Domestic applicants must meet both writing and communication requirements prior to admission. International applicants or domestic students with degrees that did not require English as the medium of instruction are required to demonstrate English proficiency with a passing TOEFL score.

Writing and Communication Courses Written EnglishANDCommunication

Oregon State University Course Equivalency and Grade Requirements

WR 121 with a grade of C or above

COMM 111 or COMM 114 with a C or above

++Courses unavailable or marked as LDT or UDT on the transfer course search will go through an evaluation to verify their equivalence to OSU courses.

Note: According to university requirements, students cannot earn a post-baccalaureate degree in the same field of their prior degree.