Keaton Scheible

Top electrical and computer engineering student, Keaton Scheible, took his time getting around to college.

Keaton spent a good part his first year after high school pursuing his love of music as a bass guitar player in a rock band. He also worked as a manager for Safeway until he decided he wanted to get serious about pursuing a degree in engineering.

And serious he is — on any given day there is a good chance you can find Keaton studying in the atrium of the Kelley Engineering Center. Even before classes started in the fall he was there pouring over his physics book to get a head start in the class. Although getting a good grade is a great benefit, it is not why he does it.

“What really drives me is learning the material. When I get a job, I want to know exactly what I'm doing and be able to figure things out without having to ask,” Keaton says.

Keaton’s inquisitive nature was apparent in his youth when he chose to watch documentaries over other shows.

“My favorite question as a child was ‘Why?’, and I could see how it might get annoying, but my parents never denied answering my questions,” Keaton says.

He even saw touring with the band as a learning opportunity, as they traveled by van across the west coast and southern seaboard, staying at people’s houses along the way.

“It was really interesting to see how other people live their daily lives, and just how the culture of the city influences the people that live there,” Keaton says.

He matured quite a bit while managing a large grocery store, starting at the age of 18 years, and supervising people much older than him. Even though it took him a while to decide what he wanted to study, it was always clear he would eventually go to college, the first of his family to do so.

And although he does not expect acknowledgment for his hard work, he was thrilled to get a Garmin scholarship this year that recognizes his outstanding achievements. In addition to exceptional grades, Keaton joined the robotics club and worked as part of the Mars Rover Team. The experience broadened his practical skills like soldering which he had previously done only a handful of times, and blended his dual interest in electrical and mechanical engineering.

As a member of the Honor’s college he will also write a thesis, so this year his focus is on becoming involved in a research group.

Keaton has high aspirations for his future, including winning a Nobel Prize, and is really thankful for the support that Garmin is giving him to pursue his dreams.

“What I find amusing is that in the band’s tour van we had a Garmin GPS on the dashboard that allowed us to find our way from city to city. And now that I have finally laid down a path toward my goals, Garmin is there yet again to help me navigate my way.”