Students and industry representatives chat during a recruiting event at OSU

Whether you are looking for ways to connect with EECS students, or making a long-range student engagement plan, getting involved is easy. Most industry events require pre-registration. After reviewing the options, reach out if you would like to schedule a call.

Cover preview of slides to download on connecting with students Download these slides (in PDF format) to save for reference or share with others about the many ways your organization can connect with EECS students.

Posting Jobs & Internships

Job and internship postings are free and easy to do. Post your opening via Handshake - a free employment posting app.

Capstone Senior Projects

Like an internship program, this project course offers a great way to build visibility and form mentorship connections with EECS students soon to be in the workforce.

INSPiRE Industrial Affiliates

INSPiRE offers a convenient package approach to university relations, helping companies connect with EECS students, build and maintain connections with the School of EECS, access resume books, and even participate on our EECS Industrial Advisory Board.

October & February EECS Networking Nights

A wide range of electrical computer engineering and computer science students ranging from first year students, graduating seniors, master's and PhD candidates are invited. Be prepared to introduce the students to your company throughout the event.

Winter & Summer Career Showcases

Students in this program are part of our OSU Ecampus postbaccalaureate computer science program. They already have a bachelor’s degree but are completing a second bachelor’s in computer science 100% online. During the Career Showcase student attendees network with industry guests during special sessions.

Webinar Wednesdays

Like most info sessions, this virtual venue is a great place to share about career development topics, your company's cool technology or another topic of general interest for 20 minutes. The remainder of the session is an "ask-me-anything" session. 


Looking for a different way to engage with students? HWeekends (hardware hackathons) target students from all engineering majors and business, providing a venue for them to build something new in a 30-hour time span. Industry mentors and sponsors have the opportunity to mentor young engineers, judge projects, while building visibility on campus. Contact EECS Corporate Relations for details.

CreateIT Collaboratory

Industry needs fresh perspectives and ideas to keep inventing the future. Where better to find these fresh ideas than by tapping into students’ creative minds? Student interns are hired in small teams to work on a specific project with a client. These students leverage their own excitement, faculty mentoring, and industry guidance to create things that have never been seen before. For more information, contact Donald Heer.

OSU Career Fairs

All Career Fairs are organized by the Oregon State University Career Development Center. Many of their programs and events are run on Handshake.

College of Engineering Industry Programs

The College offers other opportunities to connect with remote interns, job shadows, and other student engagement opportunities. And if you are looking to connect with other engnieering majors (chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, etc.) be sure to contact their team.

MECOP Co-Op Program

Our university is a long time member of MECOP (Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program). For over 30 years, MECOP has brought member companies and student interns together.