Student Registration October 1 - 15 (or until we run out of space)

Pre-Registration Required


  • Visit Student Registration. If a company you are hoping to connect with does not appear in the drop down menu, it means that company's break-out sessions have already been filled. Please choose a different break-out session.
  • Upload your resume. Your file will be only be shared with our Industrial Affiliates.

All EECS students at Oregon State University are invited to submit a resume - even those who are unable to attend the event.

Before the Event

  • Research the companies beforehand and come prepared to ask questions. (See the About the Companies page.) Visit the companies’ websites and make a list of questions you need answered to know if their company is a possible fit for you. For example: what is their company culture like; what do they look for in a job/intern candidate; what their expectations are for new hires; what is their work-life-balance philosophy; what is their best career advice, etc.
  • Apply online at the organizations that interest you. Be aware that when meeting companies, they often ask if you have submitted your resume online.
  • Go to Career Services. They can help sharpen your resume, improve your interviewing skills and even give you wardrobe tips.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile. Having an online profile is just as important as having a hard copy of your resume. (You should have both.)
  • Bring several copies of your resume with you.
  • Network at the event! Make as many industry connections as you can – even with companies you did not register to meet.

About the Event

To learn more about the Networking Night click here. 

What to Expect @ the Event

  • Come dressed in business casual attire.
  • Arrive between 4:45 and 5:00 pm in the KEC Atrium to pick up your name tag.
  • Your company meeting assignments will be on the back of your name tag. If an assignment is with a different company from the one you signed up for, make the best of things and use this as an opportunity to broaden your horizons.
  • Meet as many industry people as you can. The people you meet today, may be able to help you tomorrow. Keep in mind, you can also stop by the company's meeting room after the event ends and see if they have time to talk to you then.
  • Some organizations will ask if you’ve submitted a resume to their company website, others will ask for a hard copy. 
  • Ask for advice. Ask industry reps for feedback on your resume, interview tips, what they look for in a job/intern candidate, or any other career-development input they might have.
  • Do NOT leave early unless you have made prior arrangements. Our industry guests are looking forward to meeting you.


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