Photo of people in the analog-mixed signal lab


Integrated circuit technology is a key enabler in shrinking large systems into hand-held devices, and it has been a primary driver of more than 50 years of electronics innovation in computation, communication, and imaging. Emerging Internet of Things, precision health, and 5G communication applications are driving innovation from devices to systems. The Integrated Electronics research cluster emphasizes cooperation and innovation amongst faculty members whose research focuses on various aspects of integrated circuits and systems, microelectronic components and sensors, and advanced communication systems.

Faculty expertise and research includes analog, digital, and RF/microwave circuit design and devices; on-chip interconnect design and modeling; package modeling including package-level antenna design; integrated sensor systems; communication architectures and protocols; biosensors and bioelectronics; and, advanced wireless and wireline systems.

Collectively, our research forms the physical basis for personal, portable electronics devices of the future.

Matt Johnston, Tejasvi Anand, and Arun Natarajan discuss collaborations in their state-of-the-art Analog/Mixed Signal Lab that was recently upgraded with help from Tektronix.
Are faster networks with more users and devices possible? Researchers at Oregon State with help from Tektronix are advancing technologies to push the boundaries of speed in data collection and transmission. Matt Johnston, Arun Natarajan, and Tejasvi Anand explain their research that spans the networking chain from sensors to wireless and wired transmission.

Sub Areas

  • Analog/Mixed-signal
  • RF/Microwave/Millimeter-wave Circuits and Systems
  • Components and Packaging
  • Wireline Circuits and Systems
  • Biosensors and Bioelectronics
  • Sensor Interface Circuits
  • Applied Electromagnetics
  • Circuit/Component Modeling, Simulation and Measurement

Related Courses

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  • ECE 471/571: Energy Efficient VLSI Design
  • ECE 474/574: VLSI System Design
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  • ECE 485/585: Microwave Design Technique
  • ECE 520: Analog Integrated Circuits
  • ECE 521: Analog Circuit Simulation
  • ECE 550: Linear Systems
  • ECE 561: Introduction to Analog and Digital Communications
  • ECE 562: Digital Communications and Channel Coding
  • ECE 564: Digital Signal Processing
  • ECE 567: Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • ECE 580: Network Theory
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  • ECE 591: Advanced Electromagnetics
  • ECE 593: RF Microwave Circuit Design
  • ECE 599: Phase-Locked Loops I & II
  • ECE 599: Special Topics: Bioelectronic Systems
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  • ECE 669: Digital Communication Systems


Photo of David Allstot

David Allstot
Analog, mixed-signal, and radio frequency integrated circuits and systems

Photo of Tejasvi Anand

Tejasvi Anand
Wireline communication systems; PLLs; regulators and sensors with emphasis on energy efficiency

Photo of  Jason Clark

Jason Clark
Polymechatronics; electro micro metrology; microrobotics; artificial engineering; computer-aided design and engineering; intelligent tutoring systems

Photo of Vincent Immler

Vincent Immler
Next-generation attacks and defenses in hardware security

Photo of Matt Johnston

Matt Johnston
Biosensor and bioelectronic platforms; massively-parallel sensing; lab-on-chip technologies for medical monitoring and point-of-care diagnostics

Photo of Huaping Liu

Huaping Liu
Wireless systems; signal processing for communications

Photo of Karti Mayaram

Karti Mayaram
Simulation, modeling, and design of analog/RF CMOS circuits

Photo of Un-Ku Moon

Un-Ku Moon
Low-voltage and high-performance analog CMOS integrated circuits; data converters; filters; PLLs; timing recovery

Photo of Arun Natarajan

Arun Natarajan
mm-wave and sub-mmwave integrated circuits and systems for high-speed wireless communication and imaging

Photo of Gabor Temes

Gabor Temes
Data converters; switched-capacitor circuits; analog and mixed-mode integrated circuits

Photo of Andreas Weisshaar

Andreas Weisshaar
Passive RF and microwave circuits and components; embedded passives; interconnects and electronic packaging; signal integrity

Photo of Tom Weller

Tom Weller
Reconfigurable microwave circuits; microwave applications of additive manufacturing and 3D printing; electromagnetic sensors; microwave circuit and antenna design; equivalent circuit modeling