1. What if I don’t meet one of the minimum requirements?
    We approach the admissions process from a holistic perspective. The overall goal is student success and graduation; therefore, our application review is comprehensive. All parts of your application will be considered carefully before making a decision. In some cases, our comprehensive review has allowed us to admit students who don’t quite meet one of the minimum requirements, but that is not the norm. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee you admission, but meeting or exceeding them does improve your chances of admittance.

  2. I’m not sure if I meet the math/English/communication requirement. How can I find out?
    Please check out our website page on equivalents.

  3. If I don’t meet the minimum requirements, can I take a course before applying?
    If you would like to take a course you are welcome to do so. All courses will be evaluated and considered as part of your application. Please ensure you use the Transfer Course Search tool that Oregon State provides to find equivalent courses. Before taking a course to meet the requirements, please check to see if you already meet them with an equivalent by checking out our website page on equivalents.

  4. What if I already have a computer science or related degree?
    If you already have a bachelor’s degree in computer science you are not eligible to do the post-bac online CS program. Oregon State University does not allow students to get a second degree in the same field as their first degree. If you have an associate’s degree in computer science or you have a bachelor’s in a related field, such as information technology, you are still eligible to apply.