1. When will I hear of my admission decision?
    You will hear of your admission decision on a rolling basis no later than two weeks prior to the start of the term you’ve selected. For example, if you apply for fall term you will hear of your admission decision no later than two weeks prior to the first day of fall term classes. You will receive an email from the Office of Admissions with your decision. This will come to the email address you listed on your application. Be sure to check your junk folder to ensure you do not miss the email. Please see our website for our application timeline.

  2. I’ve been admitted but I think I want to defer. What are my options?
    Admitted students may defer once up to 3 terms after their term of admission. For example, if you are admitted Summer 2018 you can defer to Fall 2018, Winter 2019 or Spring 2019. After that however, you would need to reapply. In order to defer, you would fill out this change of term form prior to the deadline for the term you wish to start. Please note you can only use this form once. You must submit your deferral request prior to the application deadline for the term you wish to start. For example, if you want to defer to Summer term, you must submit your deferral request by May 1.

  3. What happens once I’m admitted? What can I expect?
    In addition to the admittance email you receive from Office of Admissions, you will also receive an invitation email during the timeline given on our website from our PostBacCS-online@oregonstate.edu account asking you to sign up for a group advising appointment with your new EECS advisor. In order to register for courses you MUST follow the instructions in this email and sign up for a group advising session with your new EECS advisor. This is how you get your PIN to be able to register for courses. You must register for courses to confirm your admission. Note that you DO NOT have to pay the $200 tuition deposit fee to confirm admission. To review our application timeline please see our webpage.

  4. I’ve been denied. What are my options?
    Thank you for your interest in Oregon State’s post-bac CS program. Students are welcome to apply as many times as they wish. There is no penalty for applying more than once, and having previously applied neither helps nor hurts you. Each time you apply it is viewed as a new application.

  5. I have taken Computer Science courses previously. Will they transfer?
    After admission you will work with your assigned advisor to articulate any transfer coursework you may have. In general students are able to transfer up to 15 credits of prior CS coursework. 45 of the 60 credits required for the program must be taken from Oregon State, hence the transferability of only 15 credits maximum. Check out Oregon State’s Transfer Course Search tool to check your possible course equivalents.

  6. I have work experience in the field of computer science. Is there a “test out” option for some classes?
    No, not at this time.