CS 373: Kevin McGrath

Upon entering this class, we expect all students to (red text = math expectations):

  • Have the ability to handle abstract instructions.
  • Have the ability to go from problem statement to a list of steps to solve it on your own, rather than just follow steps you are given.
  • Have a good understanding of C programming (loops, conditionals), the C memory model (stack, heap, pointers, malloc, free), and the process address space.
  • Understand the Linux process model: what a process is, what a thread is, how threads interact, and how processes interact.
  • Have basic computer networking skills (what is TCP, what is UDP, what is a port, sockets programming).
  • Have the ability to locate information on your own with little guidance.
  • Have the ability to focus questions. I want to help you as best as I can. Rather than say "it doesn't work, help me fix it"-style questions, take time to format a specific question that I can give a specific answer to.

mjb – July 5, 2017