Computer Science

1148 Kelley Engineering Center
Corvallis, OR 97331-5501
(541) 737-3617
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  • Doctorate in Business Administraton (IS) Manchester Business School, Manchester, UK (2014)
  • Masters of Science, Computer & Informaton Science, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, US Military Academy, West Point, New York


Michael Curry is an instructor with 10+ years university teaching in computer science and information systems. He holds a BS and MS in computer science and a doctorate in business with emphasis in information systems. He is an active researcher with high quality publications in behavioral cybersecurity. This work positively informs his teaching and helps gain collaboration with key industry partners. He has taught at Washington State University and Oregon State University for College of Business. As a software engineer he developed some of the first web-based offerings for Tektronix. As an entrepreneur he developed web and cloud software to add value to small businesses.

Research Interests

I am a researcher in behavioral cybersecurity with a pipeline and strategy for high quality publications, and a secondary research area focused on understanding how socio-material differences shape attitudes towards technology.


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  • Michael Curry, Byron Marshall, Robert E. Crossler, and John Correia. (2018) "InfoSec Process Action Model (IPAM): Systematically Addressing Individual Security Behavior", The Data Base for Information Systems special issue on “New Theory Development for Behavioral IS Security Research.”
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