Jed Irvine
Senior Faculty Research Assistant I
Computer Science

2061 Kelley Engineering Center
Corvallis, OR 97331-5501
(541) 737-2701
(541) 737-1300


Jed Irvine received a B.S.E.E. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Delaware, in 1985. For the first thirteen years of his career, he worked various aspects of telecommunications and network engineering, from the assembly code level to network management.

From 1998 - 2004, he worked at Rogue Wave Software, a supplier of C++ libraries, on the infrastructure team. There he worked in user interface development, build configuration systems and release engineering, becoming team lead in 2003.

Since 2004, he has been a faculty research assistant with the Machine Learning Group (Intelligent Information Systems) in the School of EECS. He has worked on fifteen distinct projects, many of them multi-year efforts funded by DARPA or NSF. His goal is to handle the complex integration work typically involved with these multi-institution efforts, so that Ph.D. students and professors can focus on the core research aspects. This work has been wide ranging, involving many technologies, including web development, helping develop a complex desktop instrumentation system, UI development for dataset preparation, data pipeline management, an automation layer for the department’s High Performance Cluster, and even augmenting an open source gaming engine to support human in the loop instruction.