Photo of Terri Hewitt
Seeking New Challenges
As a junior in high school, Terri Hewitt decided she wanted to try something new, so she joined the FIRST Tech Challenge robotics club and started programming for the team without having any prior experience. “I wanted to just try it and see if I like it.
Photo of Courtney Curtis
Stubborn spirit
It could have been a senior-design disaster. Courtney Curtis couldn’t find a microcontroller that would work, and both her teammates had to quit the project. But she decided that it wasn’t going to stop her from finishing the senior design project all on her own.
Photo of Jacob Lewis and Jonathan Harijanto
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Writing software for Google as an undergraduate seemed beyond imaginable for Jacob Lewis and Jonathan Harijanto, but they are now on the cusp of having their plug-in integrated into Android Studio, which is the tool of choice for Android app developers.
Photo of Francesco Verna-Ketel
Francesco Verna-Ketel: Desire for Deep Understanding
A love for technology is not necessarily what you would expect from someone who grew up without a television, but ironically it spurred Francesco Verna-Ketel’s interest in computers. Without a television he spent more time at the computer.
Celebrating our graduates
McKay Lindsay, Eloy Hernandez and Katie Hughes are three of the graduates from the 2016 class of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Oregon State University.
Photo of Phylicia Cicilio
Phylicia Cicilio: Connecting with Communities in Rural Alaska
Although she took a meandering path to find her passion, Phylicia Cicilio’s research in rural Alaska brings together her multiple interests in engineering, the environment, and helping rural communities.
Photo of Arturo Valdivia
Arturo Valdivia: Blending Electrical and Chemical Engineering
Making advances in two-dimensional semiconducting materials was beyond the scope of what Arturo Valdivia could imagine for himself when he was growing up in the small town of Nyssa in Eastern Oregon.
Photo of Chris Vlessis
Chris Vlessis: Solutions Minded
As a freshman at Oregon State University, Chris Vlessis did not initially consider computer science as his major, but now a junior, he has already co-founded a software company called SteadyBudget.
Photo of Iftekhar Ahmed
Iftekhar Ahmed: Impacting Industry
When Iftekhar Ahmed learned about the field of computer science from his elder brother, he knew he didn’t want to do anything else. After receiving his undergraduate degree in computer science and engineering from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh, he realized his dream was to pursue a career in research, so he made his way to Oregon State University.
Photo of Pranjal Mittal
Pranjal Mittal: Pursuing a Dream to Code
Pranjal Mittal was initially thwarted from studying computer science in college, but never lost his excitement for it. Now a master’s student in computer science at Oregon State University, he was honored this year with an Intel fellowship.
Photo of Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson: A Mission to Serve
Although Matthew Johnson knew he wanted to be an engineer eventually, he felt compelled to accomplish another goal first — become a Marine.
Photo of Kaelen Rasmussen
Kaelan Rasmussen: Loving Electricity
Kaelan Rasmussen literally had a light bulb moment when her fourth grade science class put together an electronic circuit kit that turned on a light bulb. “I remember that was the first moment I got interested in electricity. It was so cool,” said Rasmussen, an electrical and computer engineering student at Oregon State University.
Photo of Tanner Cecchetti
Tanner Cecchetti: Tinkering with Technology
Tanner Cecchetti has always been a tinkerer, even as a child. His first experiments used simple technology such as tissue and corks to create tiny parachutes. Now, an electrical and computer engineering student at Oregon State, his focus is on mobile technology, and especially jailbroken iPhones.
Photo of Claudia Mini
Claudia Mini: Creativity Through Computer Science
Claudia Mini’s passion for technology was sparked by watching her aunt play Nintendo NES, although it was not until college that she decided to pursue it as a career. Now an Oregon State computer science student, Mini has found a way to combine her creative side with computer science.
Photo of Sneha Krishna
Sneha Krishna: Making an Impact
Sneha Krishna loved math and logic puzzles in school, and decided as early as middle school that she wanted to be a computer science major, but she didn’t start to code until she came to Oregon State University. She had a pretty good idea she would like computer science, but her experiences in college have expanded her horizons, motivating her to seek a Ph.D.
Charles and Mary Beth Hill
Computer science student beats odds, hopes to expand computer usability
The odds were stacked against Charles Hill ever receiving a computer science degree from Oregon State University. Hill spent 17 years in foster care, from which only a small fraction of people obtain college degrees.
Anna Koch
Anna Koch Receives Prestigious Power Award
When Anna Koch started college she was determined that she would not be an electrical engineer. Four years later, she has received the prestigious Institute of Electrical Engineering (IEEE) scholarship in power and energy engineering.
Keaton Scheible
Guided by Garmin
Top electrical and computer engineering student, Keaton Scheible, took his time getting around to college. Keaton spent a good part his first year after high school pursuing his love of music as a bass guitar player in a rock band.
Nicole Phelps
App Happy
Nicole Phelps did not expect to love computer science, but a job developing mobile applications at Oregon State got her hooked, and it’s turned into passion that has propelled her into a career while she is still finishing her degree.
Matt Staten talks about his experience in the online degree program.
Matt Staten: Computer Science Online Degree Student (video)
Matt Staten's first degree was in anthropology, and he struggled to find a job. In just one year he completed the online computer science degree program for post-bacc students and got a job before he even graduated.
MetroSwift Team
Two OSU Teams Invited to Compete at the Cornell Cup
Two Oregon State teams were invited to compete at the Cornell Cup, presented by Intel. Only thirty teams were selected for the national engineering competition that features Intel hardware.
Nick Alto
Two Sides of Nick Alto
Art captured Nick Alto’s attention before the Oregon State computer science major ever thought about programming. Graffiti art was what really pulled him in.
LivFly team
OSU students make an impression at Portland Startup Weekend
In one crazy weekend — 54 hours to be exact — 11 new startup businesses were developed. Three Oregon State computer science students sacrificed sleep to test their entrepreneurial skills at the Portland Startup Weekend on April 26-28, 2013. One student had her idea selected for further development, and two students were part of the overall winning team.
Godfrey Yeung
Aspiring App Developers Compete in Hackathon
Having trouble managing your time? Need to know if a pineapple is ripe? There’s an app for that. These useful apps were developed by Oregon State University students participating in a mobile application competition called the App Hackathon.
Rich Meier
Full of Energy
Focused but far from one-dimensional, Rich Meier chose engineering to be his main priority of his varied interests and talents. Even though he had scholarship offers to play football at other colleges, he didn't think twice about coming to Oregon State for the engineering program.
Keith Kostol
Punting Under the Radar
Keith Kostol, Oregon State University’s punter, was pretty surprised when he got the news that he made the team as an incoming freshman. His priority in coming to OSU was the engineering school, but he sent a tape to the football coach as an afterthought. It earned him an invitation to visit spring practice to meet with special teams coach Bruce Read.
Cera Olson
Focus and Dedication
For most people being a student in ECE and an Army ROTC cadet would keep them plenty busy, but Cera Olson is also an academic peer advisor in the School of EECS, the president of the OSU Event Team, the vice president of OSU chapter of the Society for American Military Engineers, and the operations officer for her ROTC Battalion which means she arranges all of their activities.
Miguel Delgado
A better future
Education and opportunities are what Miguel Delgado’s parents did not have for themselves, but knew they wanted for their two young sons.
Marcos Zavala
Living the American Dream
My parents have sacrificed a lot for me to be where I am today — a student at Oregon State University majoring in computer science. I am still in the process of meeting my educational goals but wouldn’t have made it this far along if it weren’t for their support and the scholarships that I have received.
Privly team
Graduate Students Aim to Protect Internet Privacy
Balaji Athreya, Sean McGregor and Jesse Hostetler, all graduate students at Oregon State University, are working to protect your privacy and security on the Internet.
Justin Goins
Please Play Me
Who would have thought that a piano would be the deciding factor in a student’s decision on which university to attend? Yet, that’s what did it for Justin Goins when he sat down to play the piano in the Kelley Engineering Center atrium.
Hannah Adams
Anything but Typical
Hannah Adams looks like a typical college student, but she’s anything but typical. At age 23 and in her fourth year of college, she’s a junior majoring in computer science.
Nadia Payet
Persistence and Perseverance for a PhD
Nadia Payet has had a long journey — literally and figuratively — to graduation. Payet is a native of Réunion, a tiny French island in the Indian Ocean, more than 10,000 miles and two days of travel away from Corvallis. And her journey to graduation has taken a few twists and turns along the way.
Brandi Coker
Giving Back
ECE junior Brandi Coker is clear evidence that the school’s peer mentoring program works. She enjoys being a mentor and likes passing on the knowledge that was handed to her by her mentors.
Timmy Perston
The Ultimate Experience
Timmy Perston is one busy guy. A fifth-year student majoring in electrical and computer engineering, Perston finds time between his classes and studying to be a professional and collegiate ultimate Frisbee player.
Andrew Atkinson
Of Computer Science and Theatre
Throughout high school, Andrew Atkinson had quite diverse interests. Music. Acting. Engineering. Sports. When it came time to think about college, he applied to a wide range of schools that were known for engineering. Or theatre. Or music.
Kyle Rector
Student Earns Not One, But Two Prestigious Awards
Kyle Rector, a senior double majoring in computer science and electrical and computer engineering, has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship and an Anita Borg Google Memorial Scholarship. Rector, who will graduate in June, has been accepted at University of Washington (UW) where she will pursue a PhD in computer science.
Allen Waters
Getting Fired Up
Allen Waters, one of several men on the OSU cheer squad, just happens to be an electrical and computer engineering student. So how did such a successful engineering student become a cheerleader, traveling all over the country supporting Beaver athletics?
Ellen and Ben Porter
Creating Their Own Paths
Although Ben and Ellen Porter may seem like polar opposites, they’re actually brother and sister — two siblings who are making a great impact on OSU’s School of EECS.
Ryan Albright
Community Building 101
Whether it’s designing robots to tread on other planets or helping incoming students adjust to college life, Ryan Albright has already had a pretty interesting ride at OSU.