Christopher Maciel

Electrical and Computer Engineering | 9712409056


I am a senior electrical and computer engineering student minoring in computer science and physics. I also enlisted in the Marine Corps before coming to OSU and I am currently in the Marine Corps reserves as the platoon sergeant at my unit. I have broad experience working with different groups and teams as well as leading groups of people. I am proficient in C/C++, Arduino, Matlab, bash script, and Excel. I also have experience with Fusion 360, website development, python, and computer vision.


PCB Reverse Engineering ...

The web-based software that utilizes Deep Learning Neural Network and Computer Vision algorithms for object recognition to classify circuit components, create Net-list from traces, and generate schematic design from the fetched...

Machine Learning
Computer Vision
Artificial Intelligence
Smart WIFI Outlet

This is an Internet of Things project. With a simple touch of your phone on a custom app, you can control the status of an outlet. This outlet also has the option of setting a timer so that you can limit how long there is power...

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