PCB Reverse Engineering 2019-20

Machine Learning
Computer Vision
Artificial Intelligence

The web-based software that utilizes Deep Learning Neural Network and Computer Vision algorithms for object recognition to classify circuit components, create Net-list from traces, and generate schematic design from the fetched PCB image. The motivation of this project came from the fact that some users attempting to fix the circuit board have no design reference to understand the design. Having a sharing center and software tool to make sense of the circuit can help users to get and give support to the community. Therefore, the client and team decided to begin this project. This project is aimed to scan the PCB board image from the user and reverse engineer to contain the number of netlists and circuit component identification as a final goal for this academic year. The project will be ultimately formed as a website that has a library of circuit designs where the user can scan their own PCB and share it with the community on the website.

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Name Description
Google Drive This drive contains essentials and files associated with the PCB Reverse Engineering.   Link
Project Google Site This is the website of the project.   Link
Project Summary Video This is the summary video of our project.   Link