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Welcome to Doorgy Project Showcase Page The Doorgy Project comes with a website that includes documentation of all three parts of our project, check it out at! For a quick introduction to the Doorgy Project, check out this 2 minutes video:! The Doorgy Project is created to solve the hassle of a commercially available pet door for having to lock and unlock a pet door manually. Our project allows the user to control the door with nothing but an app and easily set up a schedule to lock and unlock the door while providing an operation history for security. The Doorgy Project consists of three main parts, the Doorgy Service which handles the physical operations, the Doorgy App which allows the user to controls the service, and the Doorgy Server which serves as a relay and an authentication service between the Doorgy Service and the Doorgy App. The entire project is made with JavaScript with the exception of some additional helper scripts. Doorgy Service is powered by Node.js with Raspberry Pi Zero as a headless service, the Doorgy App is powered by React Native, a JavaScript cross-platform mobile application framework, and the Doorgy Server is powered by a Dockerized Next.js, a React JavaScript web framework, and uses a NoSQL MongoDB as the database. The hardware includes two 20kg servo motors and two PIR motion sensors along with four 5mm LEDs. The most notable part of the project is that Doorgy includes a very simple installation process with the hardware as well as the software with the help of an installer and config utility. The original Doorgy Project includes an easier configuration workflow with the help of Bluetooth, however, due to technical difficulties with the version compatibility as well as time constraints the Bluetooth service was scrapped. Our future plans include the introduction of a camera which can help prevent false triggering or unwanted opening that lets unwanted creatures in. Mass production plans: With a single Doorgy Frame printed, we can create injection molds for the frames which enable fast, easy, and cheap manufacturing of Doorgy Frame with injection molding. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to join us at GitHub Discussion!

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Name Description
Executive Project Summary Executive Project Summary for the Doorgy Pet Door   Download
Developers Guide The Developers Guide walks through many of the various artifacts of the project and the overall workflow of the project.   Download
Project Summary Video Project summary video covering each block of the Doorgy Door.   Link
Elevator Speech Quick synopsis of the project goals, workflow, and reflection on the project as a whole.   Link
Doorgy Frame 3D Animation A 3D animation disassembling/assembling of Doorgy Frame   Link
Doorgy Website Includes links to additional documentations as well as GitHub links   Link
Doorgy GitHub Doorgy GitHub repository, includes codes and links to Doorgy Server and Doorgy App GitHub repositories.   Link
Doorgy App Expo project link to download Doorgy App   Link