A group of EECS faculty

Because of our unique focus on collaborative research, innovation, and hands-on teaching, we are attracting some of the finest faculty and staff in the world — people who are interested in working as a team to educate tomorrow’s engineers and to solve today’s complex problems through high-impact research.

Word is spreading that a synergy, excitement, and momentum exists here at Oregon State that’s rare elsewhere. The result is a team of extraordinary people dedicated to making OSU a world leader in engineering education and research. Engineering is all about people, and we have some of the best, working together to build a brighter future.

It’s About Collaboration

“Oregon State provides a wonderful environment for interdisciplinary collaborations,” says Cherri Pancake, professor of Computer Science and Intel Faculty Fellow. She should know. A world-renowned researcher in intelligent information systems, Pancake has built collaborations with over a hundred researchers campus-wide and from other universities around the globe, Oregon State’s size and openness makes it easy to create new partnerships. Her colleagues in the school agree, noting that we have an “exceptionally collegial” faculty. Learn more about our culture of excellence.

It’s About Making an Impact

Our faculty are conducting translational research: taking their research results from good ideas to solutions for real products and companies. From creating alternative energy solutions to saving time and money by creating efficient computing solutions, our faculty and their graduate students are making a difference.

And because we’re a mid-sized research university, you’ll be able to make a strong impact in your research area. It’s a place where you can make immediate contributions and help build on the strong base of research thrusts we’ve already developed. Learn more about our research.

It’s About Quality of Life

Nearly everyone who comes to Oregon State has said the outstanding quality of life is one of the major attractions. Corvallis is a beautiful college town with 52,000 residents. It embodies the spirit of the Northwest, with beautiful natural surroundings, friendly citizens, and an outstanding quality of life. It is one of the safest places to live — clean, friendly, and family-oriented. An hour’s drive of the Pacific Coast and two hours from the Cascades and high desert, Corvallis is an ideal site to live and work. Learn more about Corvallis.

It’s About Innovation

Our biggest competitive advantage for our undergraduate students is our personal learning platforms concept. Designed to help students understand, link together, and apply engineering concepts, each undergraduate works with with a concrete yet dynamic system that is built upon as the student progresses through the curriculum. It’s an innovative program that helps students become innovative thinkers and work-ready graduates. Learn more about personal learning platforms.

It’s About Building Community

At Oregon State EECS, we believe it’s important to have a strong community of precollege, undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, practicing engineers, and other professionals. Building a strong community provides avenues for building mentoring, communication and networking skills, and appreciation and valuing of diverse perspectives.