Spin Outs

Smart Desktop
A division of EMC Corp
Faculty: Jon Herlocker, Tom Dietterich
Uses machine intelligence to automatically classify, sort, and organize information for people by observing and learning from their interactions with their personal computers.

Faculty: Jon Herlocker, Tom Dietterich
A unique social recommendation engine using “collaborative filtering” that helps people discover new things by automatically learning people's tastes and how their preferences evolve over time. It can be used to generate real-time recommendations in a vast number of domains.

Faculty: Margaret Burnett, Martin Erwig
Software that applies advanced end-user programming techniques and unique intuitive logic to provide spreadsheet users sophisticated error detection and prevention techniques presented in an uncomplicated way.

Azuray Technologies
Faculty: Terri Fiez, Karti Mayaram
Reliable and efficient nano-inverters for solar photovoltaic systems. These miniaturized inverters are expected to achieve 25-year reliability at a significantly reduced cost.

Faculty: Doug Keszler (Chemistry), John Wager (EECS)
Printed inorganic thin-film transistors and circuits via solution-processing.

Faculty: Doug Keszler (Chemistry), John Wager (EECS)
Amorphyx’ ground-breaking method for using amorphous metals with thin-film diodes (TFD) dramatically improves the whole display industry by reducing manufacturing costs and increasing the brightness, speed and efficiency of LCD and flexible displays.


Ocean wave energy
Columbia Power Technologies
Faculty: Annette von Jouanne, Ted Brekken
Direct drive ocean buoys, capable of converting the power of ocean waves to electrical energy, will be placed in an energy wave park on the Oregon coast.

Transparent Electronics
Faculty: Doug Keszler (Chemistry), John Wager (EECS)
Uses a new class of materials to create transparent thin film transistors. Unlike silicon, these materials are flexible, making them applicable to glass, plastics, and bendable materials, such as maps and foils.

Transparent Electronics
Xtreme Energetics, Inc.
Faculty: Doug Keszler (Chemistry), John Wager (EECS)
New type of solar energy system using transparent electronics using an optical approach to tracking and focusing the light that will be four times more cost-efficient than any existing technology.

Chip Design Facilitation
Clear Shape (A subsidiary of Cadence Design Systems)
Faculty: Terri Fiez, Karti Mayaram
CAD tool for detailed analysis of integrated circuit interconnect structures in nanoscale CMOS technologies for systems on a chip.

Additional Commercialization Project in Process

Multimedia Streaming
Transdigita, Inc.
Faculty: Thinh Nguyen
Product to allow hundreds to thousands of users to videoconference all at once, using peer-to-peer networking.