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Resume Building presentation by Jen Busick Stewart, outreach coordinator at OSU Career Services

Resume checklist: Resume writing is both an art and a science, and it is subject to changing trends. This list reflects the most common guidelines currently shared with Career Services by employers.

Cover letter writing: A cover letter is a formal way to announce that you are applying to a position. This handout gives you the basics of cover letter writing including an example.

Resume example using chronological format: The chronological resume is the typical format used when applying for a job. This handout provides you an example to get you started on your own resume.

Resume example highlighting coursework as experience: Many engineering students do class projects that they could showcase on their resume. This handout provides you an example of how to highlight your projects and coursework so that you give yourself credit for your classroom experience.

Naming your skills: Use this list of more than 200 verbs to describe your skills to an employer when creating your resume and cover letter. This handout is just a starting point for the many possible verbs you can use.

Key Attributes Employers Want to See on Students’ Resumes: As they are reviewing college graduates’ resumes this year, employers are focused on finding evidence of candidates’ problem-solving skills and teamwork abilities.

Reference sheet outline: References go on a separate document. This handout explains what needs to be included and how to format your reference page.

Google resume workshop (video): Rebecca, a recruiter at Google, and Kendall, a software engineer, are sharing general resume tips, and specific advice for business resumes and engineering and technical resumes. Short version | Long version