You have the option to change your grading basis from a letter grade to satisfactory/unsatisfactory, or withdraw from a class. Students in the following groups should check the requirements of their status before withdrawing or changing their grading basis:

If you don’t have any stipulations against switching to S/U or withdrawing, the following flow chart can help you decide what is best for you.

Should I S/U or withdraw?

Maintain your status as A-F grading in the class.
Consider withdrawing from the class. Once you withdraw, "W" will appear in place of a grade on your transcript. Withdrawing allows you to focus more time on being successful in your remaining courses
Consider changing to S/U. The grades of "S" and "U" do not impact your GPA. Go to your advising office to fill out the form and change your grading basis to S/U
After reviewing your assignment grades and talking with your instructor, is it possible to earn the grade you would need for this class to count in your major? If unsure what that minimum grade is, check with your acedemic advisor (usually a "C").
If you think you will earn a D+, D or D- in a class, you can still earn credit for core and elective classes with the exception of WR 121. Consider the impact of this on your GPA versus the ability to fulfill a difficult requirement. The grades of W,S and U do not impact your GPA. Will a D,D-,D+ affect your grade too much?
Do you think you will earn a C- or higher for your final grade?
Most majors and minors do not allow an "S" grade in their program. Check the online catalog or ask your advisor. After checking, can you S/U the class?
Is the class in your major or minor?

S/U Policy

Students may use a maximum of 36 satisfactory, "S," credits toward degree requirements. Grades of A+ through C- will earn the grade of S and the credit but the "S" does not impact your GPA. Grades of D+ through F will result in the grade of "U" which will not earn credit or impact your GPA.

Withdraw Policy

You may withdraw from a maximum of 12 individual classes throughout your undergraduate career at OSU.


Students must decide to S/U or Withdraw from a class by Friday of the 7th week of the term. This schedule varies for summer term.

Repeated Courses

If you repeat an OSU course, the grade from each attempt will appear on your transcript but only the second attempt will count toward your credits, requirements, and GPA.